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PCCM-7 is held at Université de Paris, October 5-8, 2021

The workshop is led by Dr. Bodo Winter, Senior Lecturer at the University of Birmingham, UKRI Future Leaders Fellow, and Editor-in-Chief of the journal Language & Cognition.

PCCM-7 aims to provide targeted technical training to students in experimental design and statistical analysis, including Bayesian modeling, applied to variability in speech. By the end of the first workshop, young researchers will have formed mixed (French and German) collaborative groups, each of which will put forward an idea for a study, to be carried out by each group. The outcome of the first workshop is thus a well-designed study per group. In the year following the workshop, experiments for each study will be carried out by each group. The groups will reconvene in 2022 at PCCM 8 at the University of Cologne, and will present the results of their respective studies. Participants will decide together what the next steps are for completing the studies and proposing new directions.



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