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In this seminar we investigate various elliptical phenomena involving verbs, concentrating on Verb Phrase Ellipsis (Kim went home but Sandy didn't. [go home]), Pseudogapping (You can't see me but I can [see] you.), Right Node Raising (The government obviously can [change the laws…employees], and almost certainly will, change the laws governing the hiring and firing of employees) (where the segments between square brackets are ellipted). We will also investigate certain verbal anaphors that are in competition with VPE in discourse, specifically, “do it”, “do this”, “do that”, and “do so” (Kim left his job. He did so because he could no longer put up with the pressure).

We will pay special attention to methodological issues, showing how using corpora and psycholinguistic experimentation allow us to broaden the range of relevant data beyond what is usually mentioned in the theoretical litterature, raising challenges to certain long held theoretical assumptions. Students will be encouraged to learn to use these methodologies during the seminar.

Second semester 2017-18, schedule to be announced.

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