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A series of training sessions in Research Ethics in the Language Sciences is currently offered by the ED 622. Covered topics include:

  • Experimental research in the lab and in the field
  • Corpus-based research
  • Linguistic fieldwork

Equivalent training hours: 10 hours

The training is available in both French and English, and it is obligatory for first-year PhD students enrolled at Université de Paris. The sessions are also open to PhD students from Université Sorbonne Nouvelle.

The research ethics training in Language Sciences is intended for doctoral students at the beginning of their thesis in order to enable them to use the recommendations presented in their doctoral research and eventually to submit their study for review by an ethics committee. The training will consist of 2 sessions of 2 hours each. During the first session, a presentation on research ethics will be given to the participants, including the example of the submission file for ethics review by the CER of the University of Paris. Following this first session, participants will be asked to prepare a review file on their own research, and to evaluate the file of another participant (the files will also be read by one of the session leaders). The second session will be an opportunity to go over the files in small groups, with each speaker leading a group of participants.

Relevant information: Research Ethics Committee of the Université de Paris_submission form to be filled out in either French or English

Post training survey

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