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The Thesis Committee and other information (EN)


The thesis committee meets once a year, usually between mid-April and the end of September.The meeting consists of three parts, which are all compulsory:

  1. A formal oral presentation by the PhD student (30 min + discussion) of their work in progress, mentioning any modifications that were necessary, any difficulties encountered, and how their research and professional plans have evolved.
  2. A meeting between the committee members and the thesis advisor(s) (15-20 min max).
  3. A meeting between the committee members and the PhD student, in the absence of the thesis advisor(s). This meeting lasts as long as required by the PhD student.

The committee's evaluation will result in the annual report form signed by all participants (downloadable below):  

Form - members of the thesis committee:
Form_Members of the thesis committee
The members of the thesis committee are established during the first year of the PhD. The completed form must be returned to the ED before June 1 (end of the first year). The committee includes:

  • an external member, from outside Université de Paris;
  • a member with no restrictions regarding the institutional affiliation.

One of the two members does not need to hold the HDR (Habilitation à diriger des recherches).
At the thesis defense, a member of the thesis committee may not be a “rapporteur”.

Form for the annual report of the thesis committee:
Fiche rapport comité de suivi_version anglaise



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