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Les vendredis 10h-12h ; Olympe de Gouges 533

L’itinéraire provisoire:

1. Robin Cooper Adapting type theory with records for natural language semantics

2. Kit Fine, 2015 Truthmaker Semantics

3. Thomas Visser, David Traum, David DeVault, and Rieks op den Akker 2012 Toward a Model for Incremental Grounding in Spoken Dialogue Systems

4. Andy Lücking 2016 Modeling Co-Verbal Gesture Perception in Type Theory with Records

5. Nicholas Asher, Soumya Paul, Antoine Venant Message Exchange Games in Strategic Contexts

6. Philippe Schlenker (2016) Outline of Music Semantics.

7. Philipp Koralus, Salvador Mascarenhas 2013 The Erotetic theory of reasoning Philosophical Perspectives 27

8. Christian F. Hempelmann and Salvatore Attardo Resolutions and their incongruities: Further thoughts on Logical Mechanisms Humor 24–2 (2011), 125–149

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