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phonology 2 , séminaire de master 2, jeudi 16h-18h, semestre 2, salle à déterminer

Approche computationnelle de la syllabe (topo séminaire 2016/2017)

An initiation to computational phonology : syllable division in English

This seminar will give an introduction to data-based approaches to syllabification in English. Syllable division issues in English will be presented from a lexicographic perspective, comparing the principles followed in contemporary pronouncing dictionaries. Wells’ seminal 1990 paper will be discussed in relation to comparable 18th-century dictionaries (Walker, Sheridan). His MaxCoda principle will be compared to the Maximum Onset Principle adopted in the Cambridge English Pronouncing Dictionary. The legality principle (Eddington et al. 2013) will be explained, using contemporary data to analyse what can be learned from the structures of existing monosyllabic words. Previous work on databases will be studied (Adsett & Marchand 2009). After a presentation of existing syllabification algorithms, we will follow a data-based approach to syllabification, using a classifier to assess the relevance of features (i.e., parameters accounting for syllable divisions). Different versions of the sonority hierarchy (Saussure in Coursil 2012, Selkirk 1982) will be tested as potential parameters predicting syllable boundaries. We will use the classifier TiMBL to rank the features and to question the validity of the approach, in other words the ‘learnability’ of syllable-division. What can we learn about our linguistic data using statistically-based tools ? This seminar will illustrate the methodology with syllable division and classifiers.

Adsett, C. R., & Marchand, Y. (2009). A comparison of data-driven automatic syllabification methods. In String Processing and Information Retrieval (pp. 174-181). Springer Berlin Heidelberg. Eddington, D., Treiman, R., & Elzinga, D. (2013). Syllabification of American English: Evidence from a Large-scale Experiment. Part I. Journal of Quantitative Linguistics, 20(1), 45-67. Hayes, B., & Wilson, C. (2008). A maximum entropy model of phonotactics and phonotactic learning. Linguistic inquiry, 39(3), 379-440. https://colincwilson.github.io/papers/HayesWilsonMaxEntPhonotactics2008.pdf Wells, J. C. (19990) Longman Pronunciation Dictionary. Longman. [=LPD]

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