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Applying for a Doctoral Contract (EN)

A complete application file for a doctoral contract contains the following items:

- Information form fiche_synthetique_ed_622_cd.docx
- Thesis proposal (5 pages) + references; timetable for the proposed research; additional information deemed necessary to the project.
The 5-page proposal should contain: (i) the title; (ii) a research question and hypotheses; (iii) a brief state of the art that contextualizes the proposed research; (iv) information on the data or corpora that will be studied and on the methodology that will be used.
- The candidate's cover letter
- The candidate's CV
- Summary of M2 thesis (2 pages maximum)
- M1 and M2 transcripts (If the M2 transcript is not yet available, it can be submitted later)
- A letter of recommendation from the proposed thesis advisor, with the signed approval of the director of their research unit.

Each research unit organizes an initial round of interviews and communicates to the ED the names of the selected candidates. The selected candidates will then be invited to the final round of interviews with the advisory board of ED 622.

Evaluation Criteria :
- Interest and originality of the proposed project
- Good command of the research field
- Feasibility of the project in the allotted time

2022-2023 Doctoral contracts :

- SUBMISSION DEADLINE to the ED 622: June 22, 2022, by 11 pm (Paris time)
Each application should be submitted by e-mail to ed622@u-paris.fr, in a single pdf file.

- INTERVIEW DATE : June 29, 2022
Room 0009, Bâtiment Sophie Germain
Place Aurélie Nemours 75013 Paris
The interview will last 30 min (20 min presentation + 10 min questions)

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